I Am Not Going to Convince You

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Our low-carb clinic has been operating inside my regular medical clinic since February 2017. Contrary to what you may think, Nurse Sylvie and I never really made any attempts to convince the other healthcare professionals who work there to read the science behind this diet, or to try it on themselves or on their patients.
For one thing, setting up a low-carb clinic in my province is already a titanic task, and it involves hours and hours of volunteer work, because our system is entirely focused on treating diseases, never on preventing them. There is zero support for prevention work, and it’s not particularly cool, unlike, say, prescribing the newest anti-cholesterol molecule. I put so much energy in my program, I don’t have much left to argue with people.
I also don’t try to convince other healthcare professionals because I believe that results speak for themselves.
And they do.
One of my enrolled patients, for instance, has been battling fibromyalgia (chronic pain and…
[

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