The Vault

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“Are you a foodie?” asked the woman sitting next to me. I had woken at 5 am while on vacation to get a cab at 6 am and stand in line over an hour and a half at The Vault, a specialty donut shop. I had learned about the donut shop from a magazine, and I already knew each of the flavors I wanted to try.
The two of us ordered two dozen doughnuts in nearly a dozen flavors. We sat on picnic tables right outside of the tiny shop with a bottle of milk and sampled each flavor. With our taste of each gourmet flavor, we compared notes not just with each other, but with those around us. That’s when one of the women sitting nearby noticed my joy at the conquest, and asked, “Are you a foodie?”
I paused. Our entire trip to Chicago had been planned around foods to sample and restaurants to visit. Was I a foodie? One definition of the term is someone who seeks food as a hobby instead of eating out of hunger. A foodie is “keenly interested in food”. Continue Reading →
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