Mastering the Waves of Ketosis

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See the picture on the left below? The kids are wading into the ocean and aren’t very far into the ocean. My son is getting smacked in the face by a wave. That area where the waves are breaking can be rough. You can lose your footing. You might get knocked over or pushed into shore.
More than once I’ve ended up covered in sand from getting stuck where the waves break. It’s exhausting to stay in that place where you are fighting the waves rolling in and standing against the waves pulling you back out.
In the picture on the right, the kids have actually ventured beyond the waves breaking. Look how calm! They need to go 10 feet further in, but the waves are breaking BEHIND them. It’s calm where they are, and they are riding the gentle waves and laughing.
They are more relaxed because they aren’t concerned about getting knocked down and coming up with a face full of sand or a bathing suit full of sand. It’s a gentle place where you get rocked by the ocean if you can stop…
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