Caution: This Can Cause Addiction

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I opened my low-carb/keto clinic with Nurse Sylvie in February 2017, inside the medical clinic where I do my regular general practice. To get people to enroll, we gave a conference a few weeks before.
I don’t know if you have ever been to Quebec (Canada) in the winter, but there is nothing about a dark freezing weeknight in January to encourage anyone to leave the comfort of their homes, fireplaces and hot chocolates, to come to a free conference. Still, some brave souls did come. And of those, we started up our first two cohorts.
There is so much to learn, as a person, when we start adopting a keto diet. We read, we do self-experiments, and we progress. As doctors, though, there is a lot more to learn, and it can feel overwhelming. It’s enough to make anyone, even the most self-confident amongst us, decide to just not get started yet with patients. Continue Reading →
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