Poblano pepper marinade

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Poblano Pepper Marinade For Chicken, Fish, or Vegetables

It can sometimes to be difficult to make chicken (or fish, or vegetables, for that matter) anything but boring. When you find the right combination of spice and flavor, however, the average slab of grilled meat (or a pan of roasted veggies) will not only leap from from dull to delicious, but also impart some kickass health benefits.


That’s why we love this devilishly spicy marinade from Jean-Paul Bourgeois, the Louisiana-born barbecue mastermind and executive chef at Blue Smoke in New York City. Bourgeois’ marinade is loaded up with poblanos, jalapeños, cilantro, and a healthy serving of tangy Tabasco sauce to create the perfect balance of heat, bright flavors, and, y’know, more heat? 

For those of you guys who douse their food in hot sauce, this recipe is guaranteed to take your home-cooked food up a few notches. And if you’re not a fan of turning your mouth into a momentary fiery inferno, you might want to consider starting now—spicy food has been shown to <a href="http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/what-to-eat/spicy-meals-protect-against-heart-disease"&#8230;

[

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