Cash rewards can help people lose weight and keep it off longer

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One of the toughest parts about losing weight is keeping it off for the long-term. This is partly because, compared to our previous diet, the brain thinks we’re in a period of starvation, so it battles back against the weight loss—driving up hunger. There are various ways to make the lost pounds stay lost, but a recent study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine showed that cash rewards can work well to extend the duration of weight loss.

For the study, the researchers set up an eight-month study that first had 161 subjects pay $168 to join a 16-week weight-loss program in which they were counseled weekly on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. They also paid $119 to join a rewards program that gave them cash back or a lottery ticket which set them up with a 1-in-10 chance of netting 10 times the cash if they met their goals. Other rewards for hitting 5% or 8% at months four and eight were also offered. In all, they stood to get a maximum of $475 if they met all…

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