Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Health

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I recently listened to an American comedian, who in a sketch was advising a man whose girlfriend had just left him to let her go. “She’s not worth it” she told him. There was one thing she said really struck a chord with me. “There are only two places on this earth where you’ll have peace. Your grave and your house.” If you can’t have peace in your house “then there’s something wrong”.
And she’s right. And it’s not just whom you decide to make your life partner that impacts on your sense of well-being, but the friends you have round, the food you put in your fridge and even how much time you sleep has most significant impact on your health. And your ‘house’ is not the building you live in – but the body you inhabit too.
A few weeks ago myself and two eminent cardiologists wrote an editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. We called for a complete shift in the focus away from an obsession of lowering cholesterol through diet and drugs…
[

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