“Feeling Amazing About Life Again”

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Before and after

A follower on Facebook recently posted some before/after pictures with the following caption:
The Facebook post
Today was a big… no scratch that a huge mile stone for me.. the scale says 284 lbs (129 kg)! This means I am officially down 150 lbs (68 kg)!! I went from a size 50, to a 36 (34 in some brands) a size 4x/5x to a XL. I went from insulin dependent and 10+ pills a day to no meds… at all.. feeling amazing about life again.. thank you Jason Fung!! Your videos on Dietdoctor.com were my inspiration and the start of this journey.
His story was so inspiring that I asked him to write a few more words about his journey to help others along the way. He writes: Continue Reading →
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