Full Day of Jessica’s KETO Eating – Ketogenic breastfeeding, baby-wearing Mom

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Meal 1:
4 free-range chicken eggs cooked in 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter
50 grams (raw weight) mixed kale, arugula, and fresh herbs
A pinch of dulse
A splash of apple cider vinegar
Macros: 26.2 g protein, 51.7 g fat, 5 g net carb

Meal 2:
⅓ pound grass-fed beef cooked in 40 grams Turmeric and Black Pepper Infused Coconut Oil with ground cumin and salt
Layered on a bed of red lettuce, topped with 80 grams chopped tomato, roasted garlic, and 2 tablespoons raw grass-fed full-fat dairy cream
Macros: 27 g protein, 74.1 g fat, 4 g net carb

Meal 3:
Zucchini pasta with garlic, tomatoes, red bell pepper, and mushrooms served with 1 can of King Oscar black pepper sardines
One half serving of Keto Flatbreads
Macros: 22.85 g protein, 27 g fat, 10.25 g net carb

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