New Meta-Analysis: Dairy NOT Linked to Risk of Heart Attacks or Stroke

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You can continue eating your cheese, butter and full-fat yoghurt, because it does not increase the risk of heart attacks or stroke. This has been known for some time.
Now a new meta-analysis of observational studies – partly funded by the dairy industry – finds that there’s not even any correlation between these factors. People eating cheese and butter do not get any more heart disease than other people.
There’s quite a widespread but mistaken belief among the public that dairy products in general can be bad for you, but that’s a misconception. While it is a widely held belief, our research shows that that’s wrong.
– Professor Ian Givens

The Guardian: Eating Cheese Does Not Raise Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke, Study Finds
Medical Xpress: Dairy Not Linked to Increased Heart Disease: Study
European Journal of Epidemiology: Milk and dairy consumption and risk of cardiovascular diseases and all-cause mortality: dose–response meta-analysis of prospective cohort…
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