Mix vitamin D and exercise to make your heart healthier

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Studies on vitamin D and how it can affect our health have been on a roller coaster ride lately. Some say high levels of the sunshine vitamin can, among many other claims, lower cancer risk, lead to longer life, make colds and the flu disappear faster, reduce respiratory infections, and banish headaches. But recent studies say that people are getting tested too much for the nutrient, and these benefits haven’t yet been proven.

Even though no one is quite sure yet if vitamin D can help combat so many conditions, scientists at Johns Hopkins University just released a study of the survey responses and records of over 10,000 Americans spanning almost 20 years. They looked at the way vitamin D levels and exercise amounts affect heart health, and found that there seems to be a direct relationship between the exercise and vitamin D that supersedes the health benefits of either factor by itself.


The first part of the analysis showed that the more the subjects exercised, the…

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