Salty foods actually make you hungry, not thirsty, studies indicate

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Bowl of Pretzels

Everyone seems to be buying into the false assumption that pretzels and other salty foods do actually make you thirsty. But, of course, some scientists had to come along to ruin everyone’s preconceived notions about salty snack foods and crush them to little pieces in two new studies just published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Curiously, scientists have never investigated the notion that the amount of salt you take in can influence your drinking habits because they knew that upping salt intake makes you pee more, so they assumed it was because you drink more water since you are thirsty—wrong say the researchers who did these new studies.

And in an odd twist, this research came about because the study authors wanted to figure out what the needs of an astronaut going to Mars would be on the long trip where every part of their nutrition, water intake, and salt consumption needs to be controlled. For the first study, they simulated the trip through space with 10 men…

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