Does Eating 6-7 Times a Day Make You Eat Less?

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Is snacking a good strategy for weight loss?

How do you reign in hunger? We all think that eating more will prevent hunger, but is this really true? This is what is behind the advice to eat 6 or 7 times a day. If you can prevent hunger, then you may be able to make better food choices, or eat less.
On the surface, it seems pretty reasonable. However, on the surface, the calories in calories out paradigm also seem pretty reasonable, too. Like fool’s gold, appearances can be deceiving, and we must dig deeper to appreciate the truth, otherwise we are the fools. So, let’s think about this a little more.
The advice to eat all the time to prevent hunger assumes that eating a little bit will stave off hunger. Is there any evidence this is true? That would be a big fat no. Somebody made it up, and it’s been repeated so many times that people assume it’s true.
Mostly, it’s been promoted heavily by the snack-food industry to make sure that people continue to buy their…
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