Can Eating Too Much Fruit Cause Diabetes?

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A bad idea?

Can eating too much fruit cause diabetes?
According to a new study, eating plenty of fruit during pregnancy was strongly associated with developing gestational diabetes. Women eating lots of fruit had almost an almost 400% percent increase in risk of developing diabetes!
Scientific reports: Excessive fruit consumption during the second trimester is associated with increased likelihood of gestational diabetes mellitus: a prospective study
As usual, this kind of observational study do not prove causation, but the massive effect in this case (a 400 percent increase in risk!) is hard to explain away.
Fruit is full of sugar, so the connection shouldn’t be too surprising. And while fruit is considered very natural, the fruit you find in the supermarket today has been grown to be both bigger and sweeter than it used to be in nature.
So if you have, or is at risk of developing diabetes, it’s likely smart to limit your consumption of sugary fruits. Check out our guide…
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