Maybe Obesity Isn’t Caused by “Mindless Eating” After All

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Brian Wansink is a celebrity scientist and the author of the book “Mindless Eating”. His research lab has produced hundreds of studies about how our surroundings affect our eating. For example, that we allegedly eat more when served food on bigger plates.
It’s interesting stuff and I read his book and found it quite interesting. Unfortunately, lately Wansink and his lab has gotten into trouble. It seems like they have been a bit too interested in finding “cool” scientific findings to present to the media, at any price.
Seemingly, they’ve been less interested in more mundane things, like making sure their findings are not just made up fantasies.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Spoiled Science – How a Seemingly Innocent Blog Post Led to Serious Doubts About Cornell’s Famous Food Laboratory
New York Magazine: BAD SCIENCE: Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab Appears to Be Melting Down
Guardian: Fresh concerns raised over academic conduct of major US nutrition and…
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