The 21 best bodyweight exercises to lose weight and burn fat

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Man Jumping On Ledge For Exercise

Any fit guy will tell you that abs are made in the kitchen. But while losing fat will always be a function of eating right—make sure you know our 21-Day Shred Exercise and Diet Program and opt for these ultra-fit foods—it also takes a dedicated gym routine of high-intensity, calorie-incinerating exercises to make those love handles go away.

And when it comes to getting shredded, sometimes the best thing you can do is set down the heavy iron and go for all-out, bare-bones bodyweight exercises.

To get the skinny on doing exactly that, we talked to Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S., a Los Angeles-based trainer and the creator of the Extreme Burn workout series. He put together a quick cheat sheet of his top seven bodyweight exercises in three different categories: strength, cardio, and core.

You can do a handful (or more if you’re feeling intense!) of these moves en masse—and that means revving up your heart rate in quick, efficient workouts. They’re pretty much equipment-free,…

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