What it’s like to live among the heart-healthiest people on earth

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Amazon's Tsimane tribe

What if we told you that some of the healthiest people on the planet subsist mainly on a diet of monkey meat, piranha flesh, and wild pig chops—that, and a smattering of foraged fruits and nuts, plus some corn and rice, not a head of broccoli or a kale salad in sight?

That’s the reality for the Tsimane, a tribe of about 16,000 hunter-gatherers who live in the Amazon rain forest in Bolivia. The Tsimane were recently studied by a team of researchers from the University of New Mexico, who discovered—with some amazement— that about 9 in 10 of the Tsimane had zero risk for developing heart disease.

“Our study shows that the Tsimane indigenous South Americans have the lowest prevalence of coronary atherosclerosis of any population yet studied,” said senior author, Hillard Kaplan, Ph.D. “Their lifestyle suggests that a diet low in saturated fats and high in non-processed, fiber-rich carbohydrates, along with wild game and fish, not smoking, and being active…

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