4 apartment workouts to burn fat insanely quickly

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You’re fully capable of doing the kind of workouts that leave you sputtering and spent on the floor—the kind that leads to real results—without the gym. Even if you live in an apartment that can fit in most people’s garages. Looking at you, New York City studio-apartment-dwellers. 

Natalie Rado McClure, C.P.T. (NASM), would know: She was a traveling trainer in New York City for nine years, where she worked one-on-one with clients in their tiny apartments. Below, she’s curated four workouts practically anywhere.

From supersets to Tabata to circuits, these plans are designed to help you melt away fat and build muscle and endurance in the privacy of your home (even if it’s tiny). Each workout can be repeated or combined with others in the series to build your transformation plan. Just be sure to always begin with 2-3 minutes of jumping jacks, high knees, or dynamic stretching to get warmed up, and never skip out on a cool down. 


Workout #1: The Superset…

[

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