“In My Mid 40’s I Feel Healthy as Never Before”

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Patrik in his kitchen, four years after switching to low carb

Patrik Rugolo, 44, is the chef and proprietor of an Italian restaurant in northern Sweden. He bakes organic bread every day for his family and guests, so cutting out carbs wasn’t the most natural step for him. But he did it and lost 50 kg (110 lbs), transforming his life in ways he had never imagined.
How long have you been eating low-carb?
Four and a half years. I went from 135 kg to 85 kg (298 to 187 lbs). Actually, I’m not low carbing, I’m no carbing – less than 20 g a day.
Was it a smooth journey?
It was very easy because my body reacted so well from the start. I felt well and the results were immediate. Of course, sometimes you do something stupid. Once I ate a handful of potato chips but the next day I felt so ill, that I realized it wasn’t worth it. That helped me to go on. Continue Reading →
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