The Salt Guidelines Are Too Restrictive, Say Experts

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Is it really necessary to lower your salt intake as much as the current guidelines advise, in order to lower your blood pressure? According to a new expert paper, the guidelines are way too restrictive and not based on enough evidence.
Cardio Brief: International Experts Call Salt Guidelines Far Too Restrictive
I agree, and especially enjoyed this paragraph:

The new paper also emphasized the potential dangers of lowering sodium too much, as in the WHO and AHA guidelines. “Sodium,” the authors wrote, “is an essential nutrient. This implies that there must be a ‘U’-shaped relationship between dietary sodium intake and cardiovascular events, but there is no consensus of where the minimum risks lies.”

Salt IS an essential nutrient, so why don’t guidelines also mention the minimum intake for optimal health and wellbeing? Studies show that too little salt could even be dangerous.
Salt restriction is usually mainly thought of as a means to control blood pressure, even…
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