If you really want to lose weight, you need to stop stuffing your face

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OK, so: Multiple experts, several studies, and that dude hogging the squat rack all agree that the key to losing weight (and therefore getting abs) is determined not by your workout, but rather how you behave in the kitchen.

Sure, physical activity is extremely important for a number of reasons: a strong cardiovascular system, bigger muscles, tougher bones, and a more positive body image. But whatever you shovel down your gullet (and how much of it you shovel) will impact your lifetime weight far more than going to the gym or running 5 miles. In fact, a new study suggests that over the long term, your workouts might not matter at all compared to your nutrition.


Researchers from Loyola University looked at people age 25–40 of mainly African descent and representing a wide range of social and economic strata from the U.S., Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, and Seychelles. Each participant wore an accelerometer around his or her waist that measured energy expenditure and…

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