7 style mistakes tall guys should never make

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Being tall has its advantages. You’re picked first in pick-up basketball. You can date short women and tall women (hey now, double the options!).

But when it comes to your outfits, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, or you risk looking like a giraffe who stumbled through the discount aisle on the way to work. Here are the official rules for how to dress well when you’re over six feet tall.

1. You’re wearing ill-fitting off-the-rack dress shirts.

Why you should avoid it: There are way too many variables that go into a good shirt fit. “You want to avoid loose collars, tight shoulders, and short arm lengths, all of which will make you look taller and more giant-like,” says celebrity stylist Michael Fisher. “It’s nearly impossible to find all three of these qualities in an off-the rack-shirt, and even hard to fix with tailoring.”

Do this instead: Pay the extra money for a few custom dress shirts. You won’t be sorry when they all fit you like…

[

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