13 negative side effects of not getting enough protein

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Here’s the hard truth: Most of us don’t get enough protein. Alternatively, some guys think “the more protein, the better,” and over-consume it when they do sit down to eat, chomping down a 30g protein bar and washing it down with a protein shake that’s got upwards of 50g, says Jordan Mazur, M.S., R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley.

To put it bluntly: Both are bad.

Everyone has a protein intake ceiling. It varies with your height and weight, but most people can absorb at most 30-42g per meal. Any more, and your body can’t use it to build and repair muscle—so the surplus is stored as fat. “But getting the ‘right’ amount of protein depends on many factors, including your activity levels, age, muscle mass, and current state of health,” Mazur says. “Make sure to consult with a sports registered dietician to find out the right amount for you,” he recommends.

If your diet is low in protein, you might not exhibit any symptoms, and you…

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