Contest – Become Member Number 20,000

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The prize package

There’s another big milestone coming up, and to celebrate we’re launching our biggest prize competition yet.
Just a couple of years ago we launched our membership site. It’s free for a month and then $9 per month after that. Some people said it was doomed to fail as ”nobody pays for anything online”. That wasn’t true. People actually pay for quality and inspiration, and to support a cause.
We’re now getting close to 20,000 active members and we’ll pass this milestone very soon.
The Prize Package
To celebrate, we’ve put together a prize package for the lucky number 20,000. It has four parts:

A VIP membership for you that is free forever… and two more lifetime free VIP memberships to give away to anyone of your choice. You can’t get this anywhere else.
A book package: A signed hardcover copy of my book The Food Revolution, The brand new The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes, The Complete Guide to Fasting and The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason…
[

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